Digital Resources can Support Mental Wellbeing

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Good apps

Companion App

Allowing you to 'virtually' walk home with friends who are kept in contact with where you are and who can be contacted if you feel unsafe.


The Campaign Against Living Miserably exists to prevent male suicide and offers support to men in the UK, of any age, who are down or in crisis via the helpline (0800 58 58 58) and website.


A meditation app and website to encourage mindfulness practice.

In Hand

This app works by asking the simple question “Hello, how are you feeling?”


Relationship advice site from The Site, for young people, with step by step advice on challenges in personal relationships.


An app that provides an extremely flexible logging system making it easy to keep track of any mood related information such as anxiety, depression, menstruation, panic attacks, headaches, cramps, nausea and any other custom records.


App by YouthNet which allows you to idenitfy and explore your feelings and things causing stress using avatar type cartoon heads.



Advice and support on bullying whenever you need it.


Talk to Frank

A to Z list of substances explains appearance and use, effects, chances of getting hooked, health risks and UK law.

General advice & information for young people

Girls Health

Advice and information on healthy living for girls, including diet, fitness, relationships, illness and other topics.

Radio 1

Advice and information on wide range of issues including bullying, sex and relationships, drink and drugs, body and mind.

The Mix

Essential support for under 25s.


Divorce Aid

Gives advice for anyone with concerns and fears relating to parents’ divorce.

Runaway Helpline

The helpline to call if you are thinking about running away, if you have already run away, or if you have been away and come back. You can also contact the helpline if you are worried that someone else is going to run away or if they are being treated badly or abused. You can call or text for free on 116 000, 24 hours a day. It's all confidential.

Who Cares Trust

Online support for young people who are in or have been in care.


Brook Young People's Information Service Information

Support and signposting service for young people under 25 on sexual health. Also run a confidential enquiry service via the Brook website . Details of local services available via text message (see website for details). Centres throughout the UK offering free contraception, pregnancy testing and counselling.

Disrespect NoBody

Get advice and support if you’re worried about any kind of relationship abuse.

Eighteen and Under

Support, information and helpline for young people under 18 who have experienced any type of abuse.

Survivors Trust

UK network of support organisations for survivors of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse. Offers extensive information resources plus details of your local specialist support.

mental health

Butterfly Project

Tumblr page/community encouraging people tempted to self harm to instead draw a butterfly on their skin and resist the urges.

Doc Ready

Helps you get ready for the first time visiting a doctor to discuss mental health. Digital tools aimed at ensuring you get the most out of your appointment with a doctor.


Trained student volunteers provide emotional support to students. Operating in the night when many other university services are closed.

Sex & relationships

Worth Talking About

Helpline providing information, advice and guidance for young people aged 12-18 on sexuality and sexual health. Issues dealt with include contraception, pregnancy, family planning clinics, sexually transmitted diseases, peer pressure and relationships.

STaying safe online


Advice on staying safe online, online games, chatrooms, email and mobile phones.