What is Birchwood Highland Youth?

Birchwood Highland Youth highlights our commitment to enabling and empowering young people towards achieving personal goals through empowerment, self-confidence and self-worth, being included in their community, and being ready for education, volunteering and work opportunities.

Birchwood Highland Youth aims to support young people in making positive informed choices about their wellbeing and encourages access to information that enables self management of wellness, where to get professional help, and increase opportunities to help others and challenge stigma. Birchwood Highland wants a society where young people enjoy a positive role, with their contributions recognised and valued. Birchwood Highland welcomes feedback and input from young people as to priorities for information and activities for young people. If you are a young person or support young people we would be delighted to hear from you.

What sort of things can Birchwood Highland offer for young people?

Growing Your Skills, Widening Your Horizons

Birchwood Highland worked with young people aged 16-25-years-old, including pupils from Inverness High School having joined forces with the Social Enterprise Academy to give the opportunity to participate in the Growing Your Skills, Widening Your Horizons programme that includes gaining a qualification, as well as thinking about ideas thatcould become a social enterprise project.  It wasa great way of learning the ins and outs of business, get a kick start in your career, plus your idea could be ‘the one’ the world is looking for.

On this programme learning included…

* Understand your own strengths and develop skills that are valued by employers

* Find out how social enterprises can help our communities

* Become confident in leadership and teamwork through designing a new social enterprise

* Get a City & Guilds qualification

 To find out more about future plans call Linda Birnie on 01463 236 507.


Lost For Words Writing workshops with John Glenday

What’s been happening? 

These sessions provided relaxed and informal writing sessions where John provided top tips and simple techniques to get us writing. Really imaginative writing was created and shared. John provided encouraging and thought provoking feedback, and everyone took part in the discussions that emerged. Sessions were free and the snacks provided kept us going. If you would like more information about writing opportunities for young people at Moniak Mhor please contact Eilidh on 01463 741 675.