We Need More Volunteers to Help us in our Work.

Birchwood Highland has a range of volunteering opportunities that help us in our work to improve mental health in the Highland’s.

These range from short term placements to longer placements that support the work of one of our teams either at Head Office, Birchwood Highland Recovery Centre, or one of our Community Support Services based in Fort William, Wick, Invergordon or Inverness.

Volunteers may also come with specific skills to help us from playing the bagpipes for an event, to helping us out with compering at a fundraising event, gardening, or administrative tasks.

We are also open to volunteers with the appropriate skills to join our voluntary Board of Directors.

We are currently seeking volunteers for our charity shop in Invergordon, please contact 01463 236 507 or info@birchwoodhighland.org.uk if you would like more information.

What People Told us about Volunteering at Birchwood Highland

Volunteering is a good way to discover if mental health is an area you’d like to work in. It was for me, so I later became a Relief Support Worker.
— Birchwood Highland Staff Member
Volunteering with Birchwood Highland has helped me gain experience and confidence to continue this type of work and Birchwood Highland is a very good company to work for.
— Sophie Martin, Volunteer at the Recovery Centre, Inverness
Deciding to volunteer at Birchwood Highland was one of the best decisions I have made. Not only has it helped me with my own mental health, but I know that the support I provide has an impact on the vital work the staff do here in the Highlands. I’ve been able to put my skill set to good use and developed strong connections and hopeduly some long lasting friendships.
— Birchwood Highland Volunteer

The Benefits and Advantages of Volunteering can Include:

An opportunity to develop your own skills;

Develop your Curriculum Vitae (CV);

Improved employability and career prospects;

Support, training and supervision is provided;

Travel expenses are refunded if training is undertaken;

Satisfaction from contributing towards promoting the independence, inclusion and mental health recovery of people we support

Ready to Get Started?

If you think you can spare the time, energy and talent to help us in any of these ways, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch with Head Office on 01463 236507, or email info@birchwoodhighland.org.uk

We will be happy to talk through any opportunities that may match your interests. Take a look at some of the potential volunteer roles below. 


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