Birchwood Highland Outreach


Helping you to live independently
in your own home

We can also provide outreach services which include enabling us to carry out key tasks on your behalf.  These outreach services would be independently funded and would help support you, or someone you know, to stay in your own home for longer. 

 Some of those tasks may include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily tasks such as shopping
  • Housework (e.g. ironing, cleaning, etc.)
  • Help to make and attend appointments (e.g. GP and medical, hairdressers and other appointments)
  • Help to attend family and social gatherings (e.g. weddings, community groups, bingo and other social events)
  • Help with personal appearance (e.g. dressing, help with shaving, ensuring hair and nails are looked after)

 To find out more about outreach services, please contact Head Office on 01463 236 507 or email