What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga uses laughter and breathing exercises to encourage positive social connections among participants. Hearty group laughter would be expected to be beneficial for both our mind and body, reducing feelings of stress and increasing feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Laughter is energizing and can help release emotions. Laughing in the face of challenges can help keep a positive mental attitude and build resilience.

Laughter Yoga sessions offer a relaxed and positive environment for your group or team to develop further positive bonds and to explore increasing wellness and joy. Laughter workshops may be combined with a mental wellbeing Tool Box Talk to create a tailored package to suit the needs of your Team. Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Linda Birnie will work with you to create a bespoke session that matches your planned outcomes.

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Feedback from Participants

I was not sure that this was for me, I was so wrong. I found this workshop to be so useful in helping me to relax and the benefits lasted for some time and I recognise the benefits of laughter in both my private and work life.
Laughter yoga was immensely fun to do, especially in a work environment, and also brought an interesting insight into mindfulness. We had a great laugh and would happily recommend to anyone to give it a try!

What's the investment?

We will be happy to provide further information and discuss how laughter yoga can support the training and development needs of your team or organisation and to tailor sessions accordingly. We can then provide an outline of proposed sessions with details of investment involved.

 To discuss your requirements, please get in touch with Head Office on 01463 236 507 or drop us an email or contact Linda Birnie, Training & Development Manager directly.