We value providing the best service we can, which means receiving feedback from the people we serve. Find out what Birchwood Highland Service Users have to say about our services. These quotes were received in May 2017. 

“There’s a mixture of activities, really varied. Management work hard to find things for us to do. It’s a big step on from being in rehab hospital. I’ve been at the Recovery Centre for just over a year and I’ve been able to track down being able to say what I want to a doctor. Birchwood Highland has a better atmosphere for recovery – other places you get transported like a patient. Birchwood Highland is always working as a guide or as a support for you, they’re keen to take you to the next step even before you know you’re ready, so you’re not bored. The way you get talked to is a lot different to hospital.
— Monette

“I get support with housekeeping and shopping, which is very beneficial. I’ve been supported by Birchwood Highland since 2007 and I was in New Craigs before that. I’m on the right medication now, so I have no bad seizures, and that’s something Birchwood Highland helped me out with. I get a good amount of support and there’s nothing I would change.”
— David

“I had a problem with drink but I haven’t touched anything since Christmas. I live on my own and my family all live a fair bit away so I have no one else here to support me. My best pal and my brother died a couple of years ago and I used to see them a lot, but now there’s no one nearby. I managed to stop drinking myself, but Birchwood Highland’s staff help me a lot with other things. They helped me get a new mattress because I have a bad back and they’ve helped me order new carpets. I feel a lot better now I have support. They’re a good bunch.”
— Alisdair

“Birchwood Highland means a huge amount to me. I’ve not been well over the past years and I have received a lot of support and kindness from the staff. I’ve lived at the Recovery Centre for about seven years. I enjoy all the goings-on – I started a lunch club with Jenny and still carry it on with Nadine. I’ve been knitting hats for babies in refugee camps and so far I’ve donated 44 fun coloured hats. The Recovery Centre is more like home than up in the hospital – I like having people around me.”
— Ann

“I’ve been getting help from Birchwood Highland for about seven years. I’m very forgetful but the staff always help me – if I want to go to the shops, they help – they help with anything I want. When my family phones from England they get the phone and stay with me incase I can’t hear anything my family says – that’s great. If I need new clothes I just have to ask to get to the bank and they take me out so I can get new things. They’re very helpful. I stay in a house with Michael, another service user, and Birchwood Highland staff, so there’s always someone there. They do very well for me. My favourite colour is pink so I got my room painted pink!”
— Isobel

“I’ve been with Birchwood Highland for two or three years now and I stay in a house with someone from Birchwood Highland on site. They help me with cooking, cleaning and washing – I’m not very good at that. We do a lot of good things – we went to Eden Court last week to see David Bowie, not the real one, but he was very good. We went as a group, along with the staff. I’ve done a lot of quizzes for Birchwood Highland, too – I can remember things from years ago and I have good general knowledge. I haven’t done one for a while – I must do one.”
— Paul

“I’m in the Recovery Centre and have been since 2010, with a brief spell in and out depending on the Care Programme Approach. I enjoy being with Birchwood Highland because I’m gaining new life skills. The make you feel pretty independent because you use the recovery stars. You can check up on parts you need improving on. That’s very helpful. I’m becoming more independent and I’m finding it easier to speak to others and socialize. I go to residents’ meetings and while you can’t get on with everyone you can see everyone has different issues. The Recovery Centre is always changing – it has a chill out space, a sun room and a pool room, so it’s cool. I like to play guitar and play pool. Birchwood Highland is great. I’m trying to get back out into the community so I enjoy doing stuff like Trees For Life, Duncraig and Abriachan Woods.”
— Mike
“I’ve been with Birchwood Highland for two years, at the Recovery Centre. They give you room to get through different circumstances. They allow you to work things through yourself and allow you to move on. I like the activities – like Abriachan abd we did a few day trips last year, but not so many this year as the guy moved on. I play football, volunteer as a gardener for New Start and all of that’s good. I like the fact they have flats and all mod cons. And they allow you to go in there for a day or a week or two weeks if you want to. I’ve been in hospital a few times but the Recovery Centre is different – there the team are more nurses than doctors. I can’t think of anything I would like to change.”
— Angus

“Birchwood Highland has supported me for eight years. The staff are just amazing. It’s amazing how all the staff treat you – all good fun and if you need someone they’ll be there for you. The support is casual – if I want to go up town and do shopping or pay the bills, they’re there. I love parties so I go to any events. There’s nothing they could do better – they’re perfect. They don’t need to change anything.”
— Kenny