Nairn Academy YPI


We attended the final of a YPI (Youth Philanthropy Initiative) at Nairn Academy where S3 pupils Breagha, Ruaraigh and Toni-Alice presented a brilliantly creative pitch on behalf of Birchwood Highland.

Well done for such a brilliantly researched presentation and for continuing to raise awareness of Birchwood Highland!!

The trio composed and performed this fantastic poem, which perfectly sums up Birchwood Highland and the work we do.

Birchwood Highland is the charity to rep
They help their community every chance they get
Even helping people who are lonely or in debt

1 in 3 people have a mental health issue
Helping those in the blue, not knowing what to do
Helping these people with their daily tasks
All they need to do is ask

Aim to reduce stigma in the community
Bringing us all together in one unity
Helping people to rediscover
Get them back on track and recover

Raising awareness through workshops
Getting the community involved before hope drops
Would you want help to reach your goal?
If you do take control