Birchwood at Belladrum

We're so excited to reveal Birchwood Highland's Big Belladrum Heart, as featured in today's Inverness Courier.

It will become the repository for the Highlands' hopes, dreams, loves and wishes as we'll be asking everyone to add a lovelock or cloot to the structure over the course of the festival. It will be the largest piece of public art in the Highlands for years and we aim for it to be a positive, inspirational symbol. 1 in 4 of us will experience mental ill health each year, so it's an issue close to all of our hearts.

We're looking for a couple who have been married at Belladrum to 'open' the heart by adding the first lovelock - please share and tag anyone you know who fits the bill!

Birchwood Highland's Big Belladrum Heart has been produced in partnership with Joe Gibbs and the great team at Belladrum Festival, created by the fabulously skilled crew at Serimax in Evanton, using material from Grampian Steel in Oldmeldrum and engineering expertise from Fairhurst in Inverness. Thank you guys!

So far we've been blown away by the enthusiasm and effort everyone has given to the project - we can't wait to get the heart on site and get everyone joining in to illustrate how generous and loving the Highlands can be.

We look forward to seeing you all at Bella - come and show the world your beautiful tartan heart and buy a cloot or a lovelock to become part of this amazing project!

All of the money raised by the Heart project will go to provide activities for people across the Highlands who are living with mental ill health because Birchwood Highland supports people to live rewarding, fulfilling lives even if their symptoms persist.

If you would like to donate to the project but aren't lucky enough to be going to Bella this year, you can donate online.