About our Board

Birchwood Highland’s Board of Directors are members of the public who have particular skills and experience that they can bring to the company in a voluntary capacity. They play a very important role in the company in terms of making key strategic decisions and monitoring the company’s progress from an external perspective. They also have a very important standing with staff throughout the company. Directors posts do not receive remuneration.

The Board meets bi-monthly and an Annual General Meeting is held in the autumn. The AGM is attended by Directors and Members of the company.

Role of the Board

The role of a Director (or charity trustee) brings with it key legal and ethical responsibilities. Under the leadership of the Chairman, individual Directors will seek to ensure probity, provide good governance and work in partnership with Birchwood Highland managers to achieve the company’s aims, whilst abiding by and complying with charity law and regulations. Some of the key aims of the Board are to:

  • Provide firm, strategic direction to the company;
  • Set overall policy and standards;
  • Define goals, set targets and evaluate performance against these targets;
  • Excercise overall supervision and control over the company’s activities;
  • Ensure that all business is conducted in line with the interests of both current and future service users.

For more information about the role of a Director/Trustee and to apply for a position on the Board of Directors please take a look at the downloads below. If you'd like to apply, please click here.

John Palmer, Chair

John Bruce

Steven Gregg

George Livingstone, Vice Chair

Kim Thain

Leslie Foale

Val Jeffrey

Sarah Burton